Hi, my name is Zsolt Zárdai.
I was born in 1971 in Budapest, Hungary. I’m married to
Tonja (picture below) since 2005 and we have two kids,
Frederick and Elisabeth.
I’ve done an MSCS (Master of Science / Computer Science) in
1995 at the university of ELTE, Budapest.
At the moment I’m living in Germany and working as a computer
I used to drive Alfa Romeos since 1996 and I think I’m
infected with the virus named ‘Virus Alfa’. My collection
of Alfa Romeos contains cars, radio controlled cars and
model cars in different scales. My passion to these cars
begun in 1996, as I bought my first Alfa Romeo, a Alfa
145. Since then I‘ve had different models with different
As I’ve learned and studied computer science, so one of
my favourite hobbies is computers, anything related to
computers. I was 13 years old as I became my first
Commodore 64 and my passion has begun. Click here 
to read more about it.
It’s me.