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Mitsubishi Pajero metaltop wide
Tamiya 1/10 scale radio controlled electric car, assembly kit TA 58132.
Body has been painted blue metallic. Completed in 2001.
Chassis XC Cross country, Propeller shaft four wheel drive, lockable
geardiffs front and rear, independent front suspension, liveaxle rear
suspension and coilover oilfilled shocks. Headlights can be turned on
and off.
- 445/195 mm
- 2150 g
Wheel base
- 242 mm
- 160 mm
Gear transm.
- 1:8.51
Wheel susp.
- f: single susp. / b: four link rigid axle
Tamiya RS-540 Sport Tuned
 23x1 turns
RPM at best efficiency
18300 RPM
Torque at best efficiency
350 g/cm
Speed control
LRP Runner plus reverse digital (Nr. 8305)
forward - reverse - EMK brake
Rated current
80 A
Max/cont. current
40/20 A
Recommended motor
18-36 turns
B.E.C. output voltage
5.0 V
1250 MHz
Installed extras (hop-up options)
TA 50320 - R/C light bulb set
TA 53008 - Ball bearing set
TA 53068 - RS-540 sport tuned motor
TA 53188 - Torque splitter unit (front)
Radio system
Hitec Ranger IIZ
2-stick, 2-channel radio control system, AM freq. 27 MHz
Hitec HS-303 servo
Hitec HP-2RNB BEC digital radio receiver